What colors do the iPhone 6s come in?

If you are thinking about the iPhone 6s, that’s why you want to know What colors do the iPhone 6s come in? Then read this post to know how many colors are available now.

What colors do the iPhone 6s come in?

There are 6 (Six) colors of iPhone 6s available in the market now and you can buy any one of them as per your choice. The iPhone 6s colors are Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Space Grey. All the colors are very beautiful to look at, especially the Rose Gold color is more beautiful if you want to buy it.

A new color for the iPhone 6s

Like the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6s are still available in silver, gold and space gray. The rose gold variant is added as a new color. Like the other color models, this one is kept rather simple and therefore fits well with the Apple concept. The display side of your smartphone is black if you choose the space gray model. Otherwise, your device will be white around your display. The iPhone 6s Plus is also available in these four colors.

The price for the new color

In terms of price, Apple makes no difference between the different colors. The new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus costs more than its forerunners overall.

The iPhone 6s costs at least 739 euros without a contract when it goes on sale and becomes more expensive as the storage capacity increases.

The iPhone 6s Plus is available for 849 euros when you buy it directly. Which color you choose now depends on your personal taste.

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