How to transfer music from iPod to iPhone?

For some time now, the iPod has become your best travel companion and the keeper of all your favorite music.

It is most likely because you have inadvertently deleted one or more songs that were saved on your computer, reflecting on it you remembered that the songs of your interest are also stored on your iPod. And now you would like to understand how to transfer music from iPod to iPhone?

How to transfer music from iPod to iPhone?

If you want to transfer music from your iPod to iPhone, there are some easy ways to transfer music, you can use iTunes or there are some tools that you can use to transfer music.

Furthermore, depending on what your needs and preferences are. You can proceed to transfer music from iPod to PC or iPhone by acting directly on the player and through the functions of iTunes and Windows. Or by resorting to the use of some programs designed specifically for the purpose in question. Considering that the result is almost the same, the choice is therefore up to you alone.

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