How to transfer music from android to iPhone?

Do you have an iPhone and you are an Android phone user? So now you want to transfer music from your Android mobile to your iPhone but don’t know how to do it. If you can read this post then you will know How to transfer music from android to iPhone? So let’s find out.

How to transfer music from android to iPhone?

All you have to do is transfer music from Android phone to iPhone using Google Music. All you have to do is select the music on Android and then save it. Then you need to log in to Google Music on your iPhone by using an Android username and password. Then from there, you can save your favorite music.

Music can also be transferred using iTunes if you want, so you can save iTunes music to your computer first and then transfer it to your iPhone. There are much more music apps like iMusic besides Google Music. That you can use to transfer music from Android to iPhone.

You can also transfer music from an Android to an iPhone via Bluetooth.

Move to iOS: data transfer via app

The easiest way to transfer data from Android to iOS is with the free Move to iOS app. This allows you to easily transfer contacts, messages, pictures and videos, bookmarks, email accounts, calendars and free apps to your iPhone or iPad. This is how it works:

  • Download the Move to iOS app on your Android phone and start it.
  • Turn on your iPhone and select the Transfer data from Android option under Apps & Data.
  • Open the Move to iOS app on the Android phone and tap Continue. Accept the terms of use, select Find Code and continue with Next.
  • Now tap on Transfer from Android on the iPhone and confirm with Continue. You will be shown a six- or ten-digit code. Enter this code on your Android phone and wait until the data transfer is displayed.
  • Select the content on your Android device that you want to transfer and confirm with Next. The transfer can take some time and depends on the size of the content.
  • Tap Done on your Android device. When Apple’s model is by continuing on. Now follow the instructions on the screen to complete the configuration of your iOS device.

The free method: sync music from Android to iPhone via iTunes

If you don’t want to install any other software, iTunes can use iTunes to download Android songs to iPhone, although the steps to do so are a bit complicated.

First, you should export your Android music to a computer and then sync it with your iPhone. Below I present the step-by-step instructions.

  • Step 1: Enable USB debugging on the Android phone and connect it to the computer using a USB cable. After your device is recognized, open Windows Explorer and find the Music folder. Copy and paste the on a specific location. Find the Android Music folder on the computer
  • Step 2: In iTunes, go to File> Add File to Library. Select the songs and download them to iTunes. Add music to iTunes library
  • Step 3: Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable until an iPhone icon appears in iTunes and click on it.
  • Step 4: Click the “Music” file type below and enable “Sync Music”. Meanwhile, a pop-up window will appear reminding you whether you want to remove the existing music on your iPhone for syncing. Confirm this option and the music on Android will be synced to iPhone.

Sync music to iPhone

If you use iTunes, the existing songs on iPhone will be moved from the new ones. To avoid this situation, you can backup your iPhone music beforehand

That’s it. Hope now you understand.

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