How to share wifi password from iPhone to android?

When you go to the house of a friend, a relative or you arrive at a place where you are going to spend hours. If there is confidence sooner or later, you will ask for the necessary password to access the wireless connection and thus connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.

This article will guide you on How to share wifi password from iPhone to Android in just a few minutes.

The job of joining any WiFi network of your choice has become much easier thanks to the option of sharing WiFi passwords from one device to another.

Previously, people used to avoid joining new networks as the only way to do that was to manually type complex passwords on their phones and then enter them.

How to share wifi password from iPhone to android?

Things seem to be a bit more complex if you are looking to share your iPhone password with an Android device.

However, if you know the correct method, the job will not take much time and effort, and yes, you will not have to type the password very carefully either.

The most important point to keep in mind here is that all versions of iOS starting with iOS 11 allow passwords to be shared via Airdrop. However, no Android device released to date comes with Airdrop support.

Surely there are ways around this hurdle, and the good news is that it will take you very little time to do so. You will need to start by installing any QR code generator of your choice on your iPhone. The app will create a unique QR code based on the device’s network settings.

You will be able to apply the same settings to your Android phone with just one tap by scanning the code with the device (Android).

See below steps to share wifi passwords from iPhone to Android:

Step 1: collect the necessary data

  • First, you will need to find your network’s WiFi settings. For this, you will need to know the public name of the network, that is, its SSID.
  • In addition, you must also know the type of wireless security that the network is equipped with and your WiFi password.
  • You should get all the data mentioned above in the mobile app from your WiFi router.
  • Sometimes such information is also printed on the body of the router.

Step 2: install the QR code generator to generate a dedicated QR code for your network

  • Take your iPhone and install a suitable QR code generator.
  • As mentioned above, it will allow you to create code according to the WiFi settings of the device.
  • You will get many of these apps from the app store. We have used an application called Visual Codes.
  • The reason we have chosen Visual Codes is its ability to save more than one WiFi QR code on your device for later use.

Read below to learn about the code generation process.

The steps below may vary slightly if you have installed a different application for generating QR codes.

  • Open the app and tap the Add Codes button
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will find a tab called Connect to WiFi; touch it.
  • Enter the SSID of your network in the field titled Name.
  • Now, enter your WiFi password.
  • Tap on the type of security you prefer (in most cases, it would be WPA).
  • In the field titled Label, enter a suitable name for the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Touch Create Code.
  • You will see a new code appear on the phone’s Codes page. It will appear together with the codes created for other networks that you have used so far. Touch any entry to view the linked QR code.

Step 3: scan the QR code to connect your Android phone

Take your Android phone and turn on your camera. Use the camera to scan the QR code on your iPhone.

Soon a pop-up message from your WiFi network will appear on your screen. Tap it and connect to the WiFi network automatically.

In closing, we would like to mention that the process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. Also, the steps explained above must have made it much simpler for you.

Share password on Android

Android makes it very easy for you to share the password of a Wi-Fi network from your smartphone. Also, you don’t need to install anything. We simply have to use the phone’s settings and camera.

The first step is to go to Settings> Networks and Internet> Wi-Fi on the phone that has the key or password saved. Check that you’re connected to that Wi-Fi network, then tap on it and tap Share.
Your smartphone will generate a QR code that, if scanned by any Android phone, will allow that other phone to connect to that Wi-Fi network connection. As simple as that. You have already shared the wifi key.

Share password on iPhone

If you want to share your Wi-Fi password from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the process is as simple as the two devices being next to each other. In principle, it will be enough that both activate the Wi-Fi connection. If it doesn’t work out, try also activating Bluetooth.
Another prerequisite is that the users of both Apple devices appear in Contacts, especially their Apple ID.

From here, having both devices unlocked, we must try to access the Wi-Fi connection from the device that does not have the password yet. If our device detects it, a message will appear with the Share password button.
Our device, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, will directly transmit the password to the other device, which will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network that you had previously chosen. Fast and easy.


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