How to set the default download location to an sd card android

Installing the SD card on your Android phone gives you the ability to transfer photos, files and applications from internal to external storage. First, I’ll explain “How to set the default download location to an sd card android?” Next, I will show you the steps to perform the correct transfer of any data on the memory card.

How to set the default download location to an sd card android

After installing a microSD in an Android smartphone, if you want to automatically store new data on the memory card instead of on the device’s internal memory. You need to set the removable external memory as the main memory unit.

This is a very simple operation, which saves valuable time. In fact, once the setting just mentioned has been completed. It will no longer be necessary to transfer every new single file from the internal memory to the SD card. The mobile phone will think about everything automatically.

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If you have an Android smartphone with Marshmallow version 6. x or higher, insert the SD card into the phone and tap the Configure item on the screen that appears after inserting the SD. Then, put the checkmark next to the item Use as internal memory, then press the Next button. Now, in the new screen displayed, start formatting the SD card by tapping the Delete and Format button. When formatting, do not remove the SD card.

Once formatting is complete, the Move data to new memory screen will appear, through which you will be given the opportunity to immediately move the files (images, documents, apps) to the external memory card (by placing the checkmark next to the Move item now ). Or you can postpone the choice by placing the checkmark next to Move later.

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In case you have a phone with an Android version older than Marshmallow 6. x, you cannot set the SD card as the default storage. Thus, you are forced to act manually to transfer both files and applications. This speech, however, does not apply to photos.

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