How To Lock A Discord Channel

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How to lock a discord channel

First, you need to open Discord on your computer browser. ( Go to Sign in to it.

Remember you should have proper control power of server administrator to lock a channel.

Secondly, Go to the channel host server and click on it. You could see there Discord provide a list of server at the left side.

Third time you should to Click on gear icon and next to the channel that you want to lock.

Forth, Appearing the gear icon when you go to the hover of mouse over the channel’s name. There is a list.

And there also appearing a menu.

Fifth, Now time to Click the Permissions tab.

Sixth Click at the rate of everyone. (It shows under the “Roles or Members”)

Seventh, it’s time to Click the X (Looks red color) and it next to every permission.

Each the X turn into the red to indicate that server members will not have permission to use the channel in that way.

Eighth, Now times to Click (Save Changes). You could see a green button at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, The channel (Your channel) is now locked. It’s mean nobody can access the server.

That’s it.

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Fix it now: if Discord appears to have closed unexpectedly

Many gamer users have experienced the same annoyance when Discord has unexpectedly closed or failed to open and many other problems.

It is not yet a perfect platform, in fact there are other simple problems, such as when Discord does not open .

Also, sometimes you need to fix Discord autostart in Windows.

It is in fact recurrent that programs can stop working if they have been installed or updated in the wrong way , there are many ways to proceed with this, and here are what the alternatives are.

Discord has crashed unexpectedly: Installing Discord again

As a more subtle measure, when Discord has been unexpectedly shut down, ideally you should reinstall the program from scratch .

To do this, just go to the address of the page by typing the word ” Discord ” in the Google search bar.

It will then be displayed as the first search result, and under the main link, there will be an option that says “ Downloads ”.

By clicking there, you will be redirected to the section of the page where the program is downloaded, and which will also do a quick scan of the system.

A WiFi speed test is recommended to avoid internet failures.

In this way, it will identify which operating system is being used and will give the most recommended download option.

In the same way, it allows you to choose the format you want to download to the computer.

Then, to continue, you just have to click on the button that says ” Download now ” and wait for the file to load completely.

In turn, it is advisable to uninstall the program that was already added to the system, you can use external uninstallation programs if you want to clean all traces of it.

Then, you just have to install it again, and re-enter the user data to use it now without problems.

On the other hand, many people run into an installation problem, especially when it is not uninstalled cleanly. Luckily there is a way to correct it.

Deleting Discord folders from Appdata

This is recommended when you have an installation problem, which was taken due to an unexpected Discord shutdown.

It can also be considered as another method of correcting a bug in the program.

It is related to the ” Cache ” that has been saved in the system, therefore, we must clean it from the folders that store it.

To do this, you have to press “Start button ” at the same time as the ” R ” key, which will show a window in the lower left.

In it you must write the following combination: ” % appdata% ” and then press ” Enter ” to execute the requested action.

This will take the user to a location in the system, which will be made up of three other folders with files inside them.

The folder you want to delete is in ” Local / Discord “, there you will proceed to delete each of the folders.

It is to be expected that the team will ask for special permissions if they do not have the system administrator.

Or it is possible that Discord has not been uninstalled before and will not let you delete the files.

It is important to remember that, if the program has not been deleted, each process related to the software must be stopped from the ” Task Manager “.

Deleting them closes the location and restarts. Then it will be possible to reinstall (or reinstall) the Discord in the operating system.

Faced with the unexpected closure of Discord, check for corrupt system files

Windows allows users, through its command console, to check if one or more installed programs have corrupted files on the system.

This can be done using a tool called ” System File Checker ” that runs as follows: The program is located in the system search engine by typing the words “cmd”, which will display a program called ” Command Prompt ” .

To execute it, it is selected with a right click and “ Run as administrator ” is chosen , so that it can be used with total freedom of permissions.

When it opens, you will see a black screen in which you must type ” sfc / scannow ” and then press ” Enter “, which will start the process.

Finally, you just have to wait for the check to finish. In this way, Windows will have eliminated all the errors.

Solving that there is another unexpected closure of the Discord due to corrupt files.


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