How to install over the range microwave without a cabinet?

Over the range, the microwave is perfectly suited to the layout and design of your kitchen. These types of microwaves are embedded in a kitchen cabinet instead of leaning on the countertop as is the case with free-standing microwaves.

This way you get a more elegant and attractive design in your kitchen and you have more space to prepare your food. If you need help installing your built-in microwave, here are several tips “how to install over the range microwave without a cabinet?”

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How to install over the range microwave without a cabinet?

In case you want to build the microwave yourself, you can do it as long as you have the necessary DIY knowledge to work with the materials you have at home.

The first thing you should do is measure the microwave oven to determine the space you will need outside your kitchen cabinet. Make sure that when you measure the opening you leave a space of 2.5 centimeters on each side of the microwave to make sure you let the air circulate.

After this, proceed to cut the wood according to the measurements of your microwave. And sand the entire surface to leave a good finish that is pleasant to the touch.

Now place the microwave inside the opening and check that the door can open completely without problems. Proceed to connect it to a nearby outlet and voila. You will have your built-in microwave oven in your kitchen.

How to install a built-in microwave?

Installing a built-in microwave in your kitchen is very simple and you can do it yourself without any complications.

  • First of all, be clear about the measurements of the preset space where you are going to place your microwave. As well as its measurements so that everything fits perfectly.
  • The assembly of a microwave integrable is a task that can make it super-easy way. First, you have to place the four fixed legs at the bottom of the microwave. They install without the need for screws, you just have to adjust them manually.
  • Some built-in microwaves incorporate a piece in case the shelf where you are going to place it is narrow. This piece will allow the screw to be properly attached to the furniture.
  • You will also have to adjust another piece in the upper part that has the function of correctly fixing the microwave to the upper part of the furniture.
  • Then you have to place the frame. Many microwaves incorporate a clipping system. So that putting the frame on does not require any extra tools. You just have to push the frame until you hear the click! And ready.
  • Finally, you just have to insert your microwave into the recessed space and plug it into the mains. Make sure it is well centered. Now yes, you just have to screw the screw until it is perfectly fixed. You can now use your built-in microwave!

To install a frameless built-in microwave, you will only have to perform a few different steps.

  • After having controlled all the measurements, you must screw a small piece on the side of the furniture where you are going to place it.
  • Depending on the built-in microwave model, it will include small tabs on one side so that depending on how many of these double tabs, you get a greater space between the cabinet and the microwave.
  • Then you will only have to place your microwave in the space and fit it well with the piece that you placed at the beginning and place the corresponding screws according to your model.

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