How to install apps directly to sd card from play store?

You recently bought your first Android smartphone and were happy with it. You immediately started downloading all the applications you thought might be most useful. In doing this, however, you realized that the available space on your device ran out and talking to a friend you then discovered that it is possible to cope with this by installing apps on SD.

However, if you are here now and are reading this guide it is most likely because you do not have the faintest idea of How to install apps directly to sd card from play store? If this is indeed the case and if you need some advice then know that you can count on me.

In fact, in the following lines, I will go to show you all the operations that it is necessary to perform to be able to install apps on SD in no time at all.

Having made this necessary premise, I, therefore, suggest you give yourself a few minutes of free time, make yourself comfortable and concentrate carefully on reading the instructions that I am giving you to move apps to SD. Ready to get started? Yes? Perfect, then let’s proceed!

How to install apps directly to sd card from play store?

Before indicating all the steps that you need to perform in order to install apps on SD. However, I want to clear my mind on a very important point. Keep in mind that by performing the operation in question without rooting the device.

It will be possible to install only some apps on the SD card, those for which the movement to external memory is provided by default. In all other cases, in order to be able to install apps on SD, you will have to preventively unlock your device.

Install apps on SD without root

If you have not rooted your Android device and if it is not your intention to do so, you can install apps on SD going to take advantage of the “standard” function available on all smartphones and tablets based on the mobile platform of the green robot.

However, consider that since there are numerous Android smartphones and tablets on the market. And that the version of the mobile operating system of the green robot present on them may be slightly different based on the customizations applied by the manufacturer.

My indications regarding the use of this feature may not correspond exactly. To what you see on the display of your device. In any case, don’t worry, the procedure to be performed is absolutely not difficult to understand and I will try to be as precise as possible. You can also read this guide How to set the default download location to an sd card android.

1st steps

Having clarified this point, the first step you must take to be able to install apps on SD is to access the screen of your smartphone or tablet in which all the apps are grouped.

Then locate the Settings icon and press it above then tap on the General item which is located at the top right. And select Application Management from the menu on the left. If you have a slightly older Android smartphone after pressing Settings, tap on the Applications item from the menu you want to buy.

At this point, presses on the All card located at the top on the right and then tap on the application you intend to install on the SD card inserted in your device and presses the Move to SD card button. If you cannot find the app you intend to act on.

2nd Steps

You can try to identify it by pressing the button depicting three dots that are located at the top right and pressing the Sort by name item. In order to organize the applications in alphabetical order, or Sort by size, in order to sort the applications according to the space that each of them occupies on the device.

Then wait a few moments for the procedure by which to install apps on SD is actually started and completed. In the meantime, you will see the Move … button appear in place of the one previously pressed. You will then notice that the procedure has been completed when instead of the Move to SD card button you will find the Move to phone button.

If the Move to SD card button is not present or if it is present but not selectable. It is very likely because, as I told you in the previous lines, the installation procedure on the SD card is not provided for the application in question. In this case, the only possible alternative remains the root and the procedure to install apps on SD that follows.

How to move all downloaded and installed applications on Android to an external microSD memory card?

If you have already installed an application on your Android mobile device and you want to move it to your SD card, you can do it in a very simple way from the menu of your terminal. It is important to remember that not all applications can be moved to the microSD, as some of them are not suitable for operation on external devices.

Another important aspect to mention is that as long as the app is switched from device storage to external storage, it won’t work for you. Therefore, you will need to wait a few seconds or minutes while it is being transferred to use it. Keep in mind that the transfer time will be based on how heavy or light the app is.

So, to do this you just have to follow the steps that we will explain below:

  • To get started, you will need to go to “Settings” on your device.
  • When you are there you will have to choose the “Applications” section.
  • The next thing will be to select the application you want to transfer to external storage.
  • Now, at the top, you’ll see a section of the space of storage used, always placing the inside.
  • When you enter “Storage” you will see the “Edit” option and click on it.
  • Clicking on the above option will give you the option to transfer it to the SD.

Note that if the application cannot be transferred, the SD card will not be displayed in this “Edit” section, so you must keep it in the internal memory of your mobile device.

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For those devices which have more than 16GB or 32GB memory, it is recommended to use the only microSD to store media files and only heavier apps, this way you can free up internal space and the smartphone will work faster and much better.

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