How to install a new hard drive windows 7

Installing a hard drive inside your computer is not something especially complex to do. Configure it once we have started our equipment, that is another story. So in this article, we are going to guide you How to install a new hard drive windows 7?

We all end up running out of storage space on our computers sooner or later. It sure has happened to many of you. It is, then, the moment to buy a new hard disk that we will add to the one or ones we already have in our computer, thus increasing our storage capacity, many times substantially, now that mechanical disks are more or less at a decent price. Or, simply, you want to put an SSD in your computer to benefit from the spectacular increase in performance that this offers.

The luck is that the installation for both types of units is the same.

How to install a new hard drive windows 7

The first thing you should do is fix the new unit to its corresponding bay. How you do this will depend on how your box is since there are boxes that have 3.5-inch bays with trays, where they are fixed through screws.

Or they can be attached directly to the 3.5-inch bay itself.

Each box has its own anchoring system for hard drives.

Once the disks are secured in their corresponding bay, it is time to connect both the power cable and the SATA data cable.

The current SATA disks use two cables for their correct operation: one that transmits the electrical current so that the disk works and another, thinner, which will be in charge of transporting the data from the unit to the motherboard. In both cases, the connector has an “L” shape both in its male part (on the unit) and in the female part (on the cables). The cables only go one way into the corresponding connectors of the unit and if you force them, it is quite likely that you will break the connector and goodbye the new disk.

Remember that the other end of the data cable must be connected to a SATA port that your motherboard has free.

Disk Settings in Windows

After the previous steps, and have verified that all the connectors are firm where they should be, it is time to start our computer and cross our fingers.

  • If the drive is brand new, it must be internally formatted before it can be used. To do this, we will right-click on the “This computer” icon and select the “Manage” option from the drop-down menu that will have been opened.
  • When the Team Manager opens, we just double-click on the “Storage” option.
  • Then, double click on the “Disk Management” option.
  • This will take us to a screen where we can see all the disk units that we have on our computer.

Now, what we must do is select the new unit that we have installed. You will recognize it because its interior will be completely scratched, indicating that it cannot be used yet. At that moment, you must click on the right button and create the new partition of the unit with the option «New simple volume». You can choose to leave it whole or make partitions, indicating what size you want them to be.

Once the partitions are defined, all you have to do is the format all of them.

And now you can start using your new hard drive without any problems.

That’s it.

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