How To Bypass Patreon Lock


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How to bypass Patreon lock

Actually, there is no perfect way to bypass Patreon lock. But you could try our few methods.

It’s not rocket science. You can bypass Patreon lock as a new visitor. Or if you found any post on Google search, then it’s free.

Last and final way to bypass Patreon lock, if you subscribe through social media (Facebook, Twitter).

Extra tips you could use apps to unlock Patreon.

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How it works with the login

You can register via Facebook, if you don’t want that you have to register. Now search for the desired artist and follow.

It’s free and works like a blog or social media – distribute hearts and make comments included.

Only those who want to see special tiers – the payment levels – have to register. From July 1st, 2020 Patreon will change the tax.

Please note the relevant information at Patreon. Artists who are now creating a new page can choose to pay in euros.

For those who have had their site for a long time, this change will only be possible from September 2020.

So please don’t be surprised if you – as the patron saint: in – pay one artist in euros and the other in dollars.

While many artists manage to gain a large following, sponsorship from well-known brands, and live off their passion, for other content creators and artists the road is not so easy.

Many of them have a hard time starting their career or reaching the right audience.

Either way, Patreon can help, and today we’ll tell you how

What is Patreon

Patreon has become the best way to make money as a content creator since we do not depend solely on advertising revenue, the money came directly from our followers.

These are called “patrons or patrons”, and they are the ones who support the professional work through payments or monthly contributions, in exchange the creator offers some benefits such as exclusive content or some other reward.

This system is based on micro-payments from fans and followers, where some of the subscriptions start from $ 5, making it accessible to the vast majority.

Patreon was born as an alternative for artists to earn income. This is based on the followers paying for the content of the people they follow.

Patreon is a platform through which content creators and artists from all over the world can profit from their followers.

In essence, it is a crowdfunding system similar to the well-known Kickstarter.

But the big difference between Kickstarter and Patreon is that while the first is oriented to large projects and an amount is requested to be achieved with a predetermined deadline.

The usual thing is that Small periodic amounts of money are requested on Patreon so that creators and artists can subsist each month.

On Patreon, anyone can contribute small sums through funding or crowdfunding, and thus the artist can continue with their work.

That is, it will be a kind of salary that their followers will generate voluntarily.

How Patreon works

Registration on Patreon falls into two categories: creators and patrons.

The creators can be writers, illustrators, singers, cartoonists, podcasters, YouTubers or influencers from different platforms who can register on the platform to convince their followers to help them financially to continue creating.

  • As we have already mentioned, followers pay an amount of money in exchange for the content.
  • Followers can be incentivized by offering rewards, such as: if you pay $ 1 public for a post per month, for $ 2 they can choose a topic, for $ 5 you can watch an additional X topic video.
  • The payment methods that Patreon uses are Paypal and credit cards.
  • Payments can be made monthly or per post.
  • The web automatically charges the patrons or patrons. The taxes of each country are applied to the patrons.
  • Patreon’s commission is 5%, that is, for every dollar that the artist receives, Patreon keeps 5%.

Creators, once they have requested their registration on Patreon, will have to choose whether their income will be monthly or per creation (book, comic, etc.), in addition to writing a post explaining to potential patrons how their account will work on Patreon and what is what they offer.


Although starting on Patreon is free, the platform will keep a percentage of your income, which will vary depending on the plan you use.

As you can see in the table, in the recommended version the Patreon commission is 8%.

How to be a patron on Patreon

Of course, the patrons or “patrons” are the followers who will be in charge of helping the creators financially.

To do this, they must create their account on the platform, choose the creators who want to help as well as the monthly contribution they will make, and enjoy the content.

As payment methods, Patreon accepts credit or debit cards as well as PayPal. Will you be willing to help an artist?

Or maybe you are the artist that some patron is waiting to help you start living with the passion for what you like to do the most.

Whatever the answer, you can access it directly on their website and start the adventure.


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