I am David Balducci, and I am the founder of this blog. I have been working in content writing for 10 years now and currently work as a content editor at LockUnlockMaster.

It is my job to find informative articles on various topics, edit them to make sure they are organized well enough for the site’s audience, and then post them onto our website!


David Balducci

About lockunlockmaster.com

LockUnlockMaster.com is a blog that takes on the task of solving any technological issues you may be facing. We are a team of tech-savvy individuals who strive to write articles that will help others in their lives.

There have been many times where we’ve had an issue and thought “why didn’t someone write about this?”

LockUnlockMaster was created to fix these problems by providing helpful tutorials, guides, and hacks for all kinds of technical issues – from fixing your iPhone screen, to keeping your data safe and secure!

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